5 Benefits of Supplemental Meals for Older Adults

Erin Dixon

Registered Dietitian

Prepping daily meals can be a struggle for anyone, but when you add the challenge of restrictions for medical conditions such as diabetes or renal disease, it becomes even more difficult. In this article, registered dietitian Erin Dixon outlines five benefits of home-delivered supplemental meals for older adults (like the medically tailored meals from LiveWell with Traditions) and how they can reduce the stress of eating right regularly. 

1. Supplemental meals are tailored to specific health needs

While general eating recommendations provide basic nutritional needs, someone who suffers from a medical condition like diabetes or renal disease must restrict or increase certain nutrients to stay healthy. A supplemental meal plan from Medicare Advantage providers caters specifically to the dietary needs of individual medical conditions.

Take diabetes, for example, one of the most common medical conditions in the United States. General eating recommendations provide high levels of fiber and calories and restrict fat, but do not restrict carbohydrates. If you are managing diabetes, a diabetic meal plan is tailored to target your needs and provide you with the ideal carbohydrate count.

2. Supplemental meals for older adults are easy to prepare

LiveWell with Traditions’ supplemental meals are already prepared, requiring minimal physical effort from the recipient. The meals are stored in the freezer and can be simply microwaved or heated in the oven when ready to eat. This is especially helpful for those with arthritis or who have trouble walking or standing, which can make cooking a challenge.

3. Supplemental meals are nutritionally well-rounded

We ensure that each medically tailored meal has the appropriate amounts of fiber, calories, nutrients, and vitamins so you know your needs are being met and don’t have to worry about having nutritional holes in your diet. Each meal tray contains protein and two full servings of vegetables or fruit.

4. Supplemental meals for older adults are convenient 

Supplemental meal benefits are designed to make the experience as easy as possible for you. LiveWell with Traditions lets you know the meals are coming and when they will arrive. They are delivered directly to your door so there’s a personal connection with every home delivery. 

We also take care of members on the back end by ensuring the meal carton is lightweight. We do not pack more than seven LiveWell with Traditions meals per box so they can be picked up easily. Once the meals arrive, they simply need to be stored in the freezer until you are ready to heat and eat.

5. Supplemental meals are expertly developed and enjoyable

With a home meal delivery service like LiveWell with Traditions, registered dietitians are key to ensuring that the meals provide the proper nutritional content for specific medical conditions, from diabetes to renal disease.

At LiveWell, we go beyond just making meals healthy. The executive chef ensures each dish is appetizing and visually appealing, incorporating a vibrant array of colors, interesting shapes and textures, and delicious flavors to keep you satisfied.

Add a supplemental meal delivery benefit to your lifestyle

An increasing number of health plans are offering supplemental meal benefits, such as the medically tailored meals from LiveWell with Traditions, to enhance their members’ health and well-being. When you sign up for this benefit, you can be confident that your nutritional needs will be expertly managed.

Contact your insurance provider to determine if you qualify for home delivery of LiveWell with Traditions’ medically tailored meals. Or, share this article and encourage them to include our program in their supplemental benefits for older adults.
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