LiveWell with Traditions partners with case managers to provide home-delivered, post-acute discharge meal benefits for health plan customers.
Meal Benefits for Seniors With Chronic Conditions and During Post-Acute Discharge

The home health aide, medical equipment, transportation, and outpatient therapies are ordered. But another vital part of each patient’s effective care plan is making sure they’re eating right to promote healing and optimize their health.

LiveWell with Traditions partners with case managers at health insurance carriers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and social service agencies to make sure individuals receive nutritious meals—delivered right to their door—as part of their health plan benefit.

Information for Case Managers

Our meal program complies with all CMS protocols and standards and member information; it assures that insurance participants with chronic conditions receive nutrition-packed meals that are delivered right to their door.
We work with case managers in 48 states, providing prepared frozen meals in our commissaries, delivered from more than 50 distribution centers by trained drivers. Our high-touch customer service, attention to detail, and home-delivered nutrition contribute to improved health outcomes for patients . . . and contribute to positive star ratings on consumer satisfaction surveys.
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Why Case Managers Choose LiveWell with Traditions

Meal benefit recipients will receive wholesome food made from fresh ingredients, flash frozen and delivered directly to them. Once you place the order with us, our customer service team will call the person to explain the meal program and delivery schedule, further ensuring a positive experience.
Live Well with Traditions Friendly Drivers meal Delivery

Our drivers understand that this population benefits from a friendly smile and personal “hello.”

For individuals with chronic health conditions that qualify for a meal benefit, we offer meals specifically designed for their dietary needs or restrictions. And because the cartons are not left outdoors anywhere, you’re assured customers are getting the nutritious meals you’ve included in their ongoing wellness or post-acute discharge plan.

Benefits of Our

Meal Program

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Traditions Menus

There’s a reason why we say our food is chef-inspired and dietitian designed. Our registered dietitians collaborate with our culinary team to develop meals that support the nutritional needs of seniors and those with certain health conditions (such as kidney or heart disease) and dietary needs or preferences. Our culinary team will also prepare foods that cater to regional taste preferences to ensure everyone is getting food that tastes good and is comforting and familiar.

Our nutritionally-balanced meals are developed to support overall well-being. We offer specific menus for diabetics, cardiac patients, those who require a low-sodium or renal-friendly diet, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free menus.

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