Individuals & Caregivers

LiveWell with Traditions delivers nutritious meals direct to the door that individuals or caregivers can order to support independent living and better health.
Nutritious Home-Delivered Meals for Independent, Healthful Living
Proper nutrition is critical for everyone, especially for seniors, homebound individuals, and those living with chronic health conditions. Nutritionally-balanced meals that are packed with nutrients and flavor help maintain one’s independence and optimal health—physically and mentally. When you eat better, you feel better. Delivering those nutritious meals right to your door is how LiveWell with Traditions helps. With LiveWell with Traditions, you are assured of an excellent experience with:

Peace of Mind for Individuals and Caregivers

With LiveWell with Traditions, you have the comfort of knowing that those in your care—and those you care about most—will always have a healthy meal ready to heat and eat, seven days a week.

Our direct-to-door meal delivery program offers the utmost convenience to help you or a loved one manage at home more easily. Caregivers and family customers need not worry about grocery shopping, meal preparation, or checking to see if mom or dad has something nutritious to eat every day of the week.

We make it easy to order and make it easy to have high-quality, delicious meals accessible at home. A friendly customer care representative will call you to review your options and get your deliveries started.

Chef-Inspired Menus for Health & Nutrition

Each LiveWell with Tradition home-delivered meal starts in our culinary center, where our trained chefs create our delicious menu selections, with an emphasis on fresh, high-quality ingredients and flavor. Our culinary team updates our meal offerings with the seasons, and provides classic comfort foods as well as contemporary and regional dishes throughout the year. Then our registered dietitians go to work designing each meal to provide balanced nutrition in every bite, for optimal health and well-being. And because they understand the special nutrition and dietary needs of people with diabetes, or cardiovascular or kidney disease, we always have meals specially formulated to help them meet their health goals (and keep their medical practitioners happy, too!). No high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt foods here—just the best way to eat, every day.

Our multi-day meal kits contain seven complete meals with entrée and sides, tailored to support the nutritional needs of older adults, those with common health conditions, and certain dietary preferences. Our customers love the variety and the convenience that comes with meal delivery from LiveWell with Traditions, that puts the healing power of nutrition in their hands.

Health Plan


Since good nutrition is a vital part of health, you may be eligible for our delivered meals as a health plan benefit. We recommend you check with your health insurance company to find out if you qualify to have your meal kits covered by your insurance.

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