Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

At LiveWell with Traditions, we’re always here to help.

That includes providing answers to your frequently asked questions about our meal program for those with chronic illnesses who benefit from receiving our nutritionally balanced meals, and Medicare and Medicare customers during post-acute discharge..

On this FAQ page, you’ll find answers to common questions we receive from nurse managers, case managers, medical directors, social workers, and others in the health care and insurance fields. There are also FAQs for customers who receive our nutritious meals.

If you have additional questions, please go to our contact page to connect with us. The LiveWell with Traditions support team will respond promptly.

LiveWell with Traditions provides meals to the chronically ill and individuals during post-acute discharge through health plans.Please contact your health plan or case manager if you would like to receive LiveWell with Traditions meals.
At this time, LiveWell with Traditions does not sell meals directly to individuals. Please contact your health plan or case manager if you would like to receive LiveWell with Traditions meals.

Each meal is labeled with cooking instructions for both microwave and conventional ovens. Heating LiveWell with Traditions meals in a toaster oven is not recommended.

Microwave wattages vary greatly, and LiveWell with Traditions cooking instructions provide only a recommended time. You may need to modify cook times for your microwave. A list of recommended cook times may be accessed here.

Conventional Oven
Recommended cooking time for most Traditions meals in a conventional oven is 25 minutes at 350°F. You may need to modify this time for your oven. A list of recommended cook times may be accessed here.

Whether you cook your LiveWell with Traditions meal in the microwave or oven, carefully remove the tray and allow it to stand for 2 minutes. Check the temperature of the meal using a food thermometer to ensure the meal is cooked thoroughly (165°F).

Keep Traditions meal trays frozen until you are ready to heat and eat. You should eat your Traditions meal within four (4) hours of heating. Do not consume a Traditions meal that has been thawed for more than 48 hours or held at room temperature for more than 4 hours.

Thaw juices, breads, margarine, & desserts under refrigeration. Thawed components should be consumed within 7 days. Storage tips are also included on the insert included in each Traditions meal box.

An insert is included in each LiveWell with Traditions box that contains information on which items should be eaten together for well balanced, healthy meals.

LiveWell with Traditions documents and posts information for the Big Eight allergens:milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts.

A complete ingredient list, including allergens, is located on the bottom of each LiveWell with Traditions meal. Ingredient and allergen statements for menu components (bread, milk, juices, and desserts) are listed either directly on the item’s package or on the insert included in the meal package.

LiveWell with Traditions is a USDA-inspected facility. Traditions safety and sanitation procedures meet the strict rules and regulations set forth by the USDA. Additionally, a USDA inspector is on-site during production to inspect and approve meals prior to production and shipment.

All meal components are packed and frozen by LiveWell with Traditions prior to their expiration dates. Freezing inhibits the growth of bacteria; therefore, frozen items do not deteriorate as quickly as they would under refrigeration or at room temperature. Hence, the expiration dates on the individual frozen items such as cookies, fruit cups, bars and juices are no longer valid.

Each LiveWell with Traditions frozen meal is stamped with a date of production and an expiration date. The expiration date is one year after production. Please use the meal expiration date to determine the last date of consumption.

Dry milk may be stored at room temperature. Prepared milk should be stored under refrigeration.

USDA requirements determine what information is placed on each LiveWell with Traditions label. We’ve created a helpful diagram to show you what each part of the label shows.

None of our products contain MSG; however, we encourage all clients with allergies or aversions to read the ingredient statements for all items prior to consumption. All products included in LiveWell with Traditions meal packs contain ingredient and allergen statements either on the item’s packaging or the box insert.