Health Plan Meal Benefit Programs

LiveWell with Traditions offers nutrition programs as a meal benefit for health plan customers that earn high marks for consumer satisfaction.

Offering nutrition benefits to health plan customers is increasing among health plans year over year. For example, among insurance plans that provide Medicare benefits through a private-sector insurer:


Approximately 70 plans offered meal benefits


Approximately 350 plans offered meal benefits (a 445% increase)
68% of Medicare Advantage health plans offer a meal delivery benefit (the most common non-medical supplemental benefit), up from 55% in 2021
The percentage of all plans that offer meals as a supplemental benefit at $0 premium increased from 30% in 2021 to 40% in 2022


It is projected that 425 plans will offer a meal benefit
LiveWell with Traditions is meeting this growing demand with nutritionally-balanced meals that comply with health insurance meal benefits. Offering these nutritious meals helps reduce hospital visits and readmissions and promotes healing.

Direct-to-Door Delivery

While our meals improve customer nutrition and contribute to positive health outcomes, our high level of service optimizes the CAHPS and STAR experience for health insurance plans.

That’s because LiveWell with Traditions provides direct-to-door delivery of meals, with our own trucks and drivers.* These meals are brought directly to your customers with certain chronic health conditions year ‘round as well as during post-acute discharge. Our drivers take extra care to ensure your customers receive their meals directly into their hands, avoiding any instances of leaving them unattended at the doorstep.
*A common carrier may be needed for direct-to-door deliveries in some areas.
Live Well with Traditions Health Plans Meal Benefit Partner

Our customer-centric delivery model makes LiveWell with Traditions a highly reliable and desirable meal benefit partner in 48 states across the U.S. with:

A Meal Program That Benefits Everyone

Health plan administrators, CFOs, and case managers will be delighted that our high-touch, to-the-door meal delivery program not only provides excellent nutrition, it also leads to higher ROI for payors, with increased customer satisfaction and health plan retenetion. That’s a meal program that benefits everyone.

Our Programs

When you partner with LiveWell with Traditions, you’re showing your customers that their well-being and nourishment are top of mind with your organization.

Our customer-centric approach caters to your health plan customers’ needs in two ways—all with customer service and care that surpasses expectations. It starts with our attentive intake process and extends through each meal delivery.

Chronic Health Condition Meal Delivery

For those who benefit from specialized nutritional support, we deliver meals clinically tailored to their specific medical needs. Registered dietitians have developed menus for people with diabetes, cardiac disease, renal conditions, high blood pressure, or celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. Vegetarian meals are also available.

Post-Discharge Meals

Convenience and proper nutrition, delivered directly to their door after hospital discharge. Our chef-inspired menus offer variety and can accommodate regional food preferences for enhanced consumer satisfaction. Customers receive delicious meals made fresh in our culinary centers, flash frozen to retain flavor and nutritional value, and delivered by our trained drivers.

Positive Outcomes

from Good Nutrition

Good nutrition helps promote healing and reduces healthcare utilization among customers, which lowers healthcare costs and reduces readmissions. To offer this compliant solution for health plans, MAO, and MCO organizations, contact LiveWell with Traditions.

Dietitian-Designed Meals

Our diverse menus are crafted by LiveWell with Traditions’ professional chefs and registered dietitians to meet your customers’ nutritional needs. From comfort foods to contemporary twists on old favorites, our meals deliver nutrition, optimal taste, and better health through better eating. Your health plan customers will enjoy the foods and flavors they love, with well-balanced meals that support general wellness. We also offer clinically-tailored menus for individuals who need specialized dietary support for their chronic health conditions.

Have Questions?

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