Livewell with Traditions Innovative Meal Benefit Programs What Case Managers Need to Know

Innovative Meal Benefit Programs: What Case Managers Need to Know

Meal Benefits for MAO Plan Members—What’s All the Buzz?

The number of Medicare Advantage organizations offering meal benefits to their members is growing. In 2020, the number of payors doing so was 70 and it is projected to be 425 by the end of 2023, a 600% increase!

Currently, nearly 70% of Medicare Advantage plans offer a meal delivery benefit. In fact, it is the most common non-medical supplemental benefit in these plans. As of 2022, 40% of plans that offer this supplemental benefit did so at no additional premium cost.

Here are pertinent questions and answers for case managers about our innovative meal benefit program . . . that highlight the LiveWell with Traditions difference.

Q: How does the meal benefit program from LiveWell with Traditions fit in?

A: LiveWell with Traditions offers a purpose-built meal benefit solution for MAOs, with market-leading operational scale, national reach, and high-touch member service. We’ve been in the senior nutrition space for 50 years and are experts at providing nutritious meals that improve recipients’ health and significantly reduce hospital readmissions and emergency room visits. And, we do it all with a 5-star level of service.

Q: Is the meal benefit available only to Medicare members?

A: No, in fact, a trend to be aware of is that insurance companies are offering this to dual-eligible members, which enables qualifying Medicare and Medicaid members to receive the nutrition they need.

Plus, our meal benefit is not limited to post-discharge individuals. LiveWell with Traditions also serves people living with chronic conditions and others who would benefit from receiving nutritionally balanced, medically tailored meals on an ongoing basis.

Q: Is there flexibility in terms of the types of meals for MAO plan members?

A: Yes! At LiveWell with Traditions, we understand that people living with certain chronic health conditions need meals that not only taste good but meet their specific dietary needs (as you’ll see here). That’s why we offer heart-healthy, renal-friendly, diabetic-friendly, and gluten-free menus as well as low-sodium and vegetarian meals.
Our clinically tailored menus are formulated by our dietitians and chef-inspired by our in-house culinary team, to fully nourish and satisfy those you serve.

Q: Does your meal program comply with CMS protocols?

A: Absolutely. The LiveWell with Traditions program is fully compliant with all qualifications of the regulated healthcare market.

  • Our IT policy and proprietary software exceed HIPAA/HITECH compliance standards.
  • We have flexible, secure data exchange options available for eligibility, discharge, billing, and reporting (834, 837/835s, 270/271s, CSVs, flat-file).
  • We offer extensive rollup/rolldown and customizable, detailed reporting, SLA, and billing options via our HPlan/PBP/segment-based data structure

Q: How big is the LiveWell with Traditions meal delivery service area?

A: LiveWell with Traditions works with case managers in organizations throughout the lower 48 states. Our impressive operational capabilities include over 90 central kitchens and 40 distribution centers from which we deliver nutritious meals in our customized fleet of vans.

Q: How does LiveWell with Traditions’ “last mile” delivery work?

A: Our drivers deliver meals directly to recipients’ doors from our distribution centers. There’s nothing for anyone to pick up anywhere; we make sure every meal kit gets our trademark direct-to-door delivery service. Drivers never leave meal kits outside; they always hand them to recipients to ensure personal delivery, and will even place the box on a counter or table upon request. This high-touch service further enhances customer satisfaction.

Q: What is the biggest advantage to LiveWell with Traditions meal program?

A: Our end-to-end customer service, from our attentive call center to our account management team to our trained drivers in the field.

  • Our Customer Service & Logistics Center was created and customized for Medicare Advantage plans. A representative will call the individual to explain that their insurance plan offers and covers the meals, will facilitate delivery, and will call to make sure meals are delivered.
  • You get robust metrics centered on the member experience and real-time access to data via our highly secure, integrable, web-based portal.
  • Your organization will have a dedicated project manager for streamlined, timely implementation and exceptional, ongoing account management.
  • LiveWell with Traditions has established strict grievance protocols, with grievances recorded in detail in a separate logging mechanism within our HIPAA- compliant CRM and delivery software, with real-time access and a highly efficient escalation process.
  • Our drivers are carefully vetted with multi-step background checks for everyone’s peace of mind.
  • Drivers will do a situational check, record observations, and communicate in any format your organization prefers.
  • We offer 7-day-a-week delivery to accommodate recipients’ schedules.
  • Over 95% of meal recipients state the delivery was on time.

We welcome your additional questions regarding the important aspects of our innovative meal benefit that case managers need to know. We work with case managers at Medicare/Medicaid and MAOs, hospitals, subacute and rehabilitation centers, and social service agencies. Please contact Livewell with Traditions for more information about our nutritious meal delivery program and the benefits it provides to support wellness for those in your care.


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