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How the “Food as Medicine” Approach to Nutrition Supports Older Adults’ Health & Wellness

Studies have shown that many Americans lack proper nutrition and access to healthy foods regularly, including seniors. In fact, the federal government has been exploring ways to bring better nutrition to many different populations, such as the disabled and those with chronic health conditions (like diabetes or cardiac disease). Other studies show that good nutrition helps modulate the effects of aging to support better overall health as we age.

These and other factors have given rise to the Food as Medicine movement. 

What is Food as Medicine?

Food as Medicine (also called Food is Medicine) is founded on the concept that healthy diets foster healthy individuals. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sees this approach as a vital tool to end hunger and curb chronic disease prevalence in our country. Food as Medicine is generally considered to be medically tailored meals (also referred to as therapeutic meals), medically tailored groceries (healthy food prescriptions), and produce prescriptions.

If you think about the discovery of consuming vitamin C to treat scurvy or vitamin A for eye health, those are examples of Food as Medicine. Providing healthy food that helps  prevent, lower the risk, or manage specific conditions—such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease—are contemporary examples of this approach and the basis of the medically tailored meals available from LiveWell with Traditions.

Benefits of Food as Medicine

There are many benefits of Food as Medicine, especially when it comes in the form of home-delivered meals. Some of them are:

  • People who receive nutritionally balanced (and delicious!) meals often find it easier to stick to dietary guidelines for their health condition.
  • Older adults who are unable to shop or cook for themselves regularly have the convenience of proper nutrition delivered to their homes.
  • By receiving proper nutrition after being discharged from acute care, people are less likely to be readmitted to the hospital and/or skilled nursing facilities and have fewer emergency room visits.
  • This could result in reducing out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Home-delivered Food as Medicine

Home-delivered meals, like the medically tailored meals from  LiveWell with Traditions, are nutritionally balanced to provide the recommended daily nutrients individuals need in a meal for optimal wellness. 

Older adults and others who qualify for Medicare should seek a Medicare Advantage plan that includes a meal benefit program to supplement their nutrition and promote their physical well-being. Older adults and homebound individuals can also contact local social service agencies to learn about meal delivery programs.

Nutritionally balanced, medically tailored meals from LiveWell with Traditions

At LiveWell with Traditions, we know the value healthy eating provides for people of all ages—and for individuals with specific disease states, the right foods are truly medicine that supports health and well-being. All our meals follow the nutritional guidelines of the Older Americans Act, comply with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and reflect precise dietary factors that benefit older adults and those with certain health conditions.Read about how our medically tailored meal program could be just what the doctor ordered for you by downloading our full report about Food as Medicine.


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